Comfortable, Minimalistic Seating

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My objective for this project was to create a simple, minimalistic couch that could be fabricated in a very short period of time while using as few materials as possible. The goal was to create a couch that was as cost effective as possible, while maintaining quality, aesthetics, and ease of manufacturability. In order to maximize the amount of wood needed for the project, 2x4 pieces of pine were ripped into 1.5" and 3" widths. Using only two sizes of wood greatly decreased the time needed to cut and mitre each piece, as the same settings could be used for each group of pieces.  

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The primary reason for creating a wood frame couch was to avoid the need to upholster the entire frame. This significantly reduced the cost of materials, labour, and skill required for fabrication. The entire frame was assembled in only two days. The remaining time was spent sanding, priming, painting, and sewing cushions. The other benefit of a wood frame couch is that it does not occupy a lot of space visually. Because the arms and legs of the couch are open, the couch appears to be lighter, which is beneficial in small spaces where a fully upholstered couch may feel heavy and bulky.

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Final Design

Verversen was designed with apartment spaces in mind, as it is lightweight, slightly smaller than a typical couch, and is visually lighter than the standard fully upholstered couches. Though the frame is simple, medium density upholstery foam was used for the seat and back cushions. This provides the necessary support and comfort without the need for springs or stretched webbing. Despite having a minimal frame with no bracing supports, Verversen is a strong, stable, and sturdy piece of furniture thanks to its design and the way it was constructed. 

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September 2013

Project Duration: 2 Weeks