A Birdhouse for Tree Swallows

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The aim of this project was to create a sustainable birdhouse that suits the needs of the designated avian species, while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Sway is a simple house intended for tree swallows. When the birds migrate to the southern United States, they congregate on shore-lines and in areas near water. The house provides a safe abode for the tree swallows during the night. The design also takes the human user into account, as the bottom half easily detaches for quick cleaning through use of simple turnbuttons.

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In order to understand the specific needs of the tree swallow, research was performed to gain an understanding of migration locations, nesting location requirements, birdhouse sizing, and predator protection. Concept sketches took all of these factors into account. Once the design was finalized, a Solidworks model was created. The model was then CNC milled out of sustainable, locally sourced basswood. 

The steel tube prevents predators from being able to climb the pole. Rope, off the shelf fasteners, and environmentally friendly milk paint were used to complete the design. As the birdhouse is stationed outside for long periods of time, it will weather and gray naturally, helping it to blend in with its surroundings. 

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Winter 2012

Project Duration: 4 Weeks