For this project, I was randomly assigned a company and a product. The goal was to brand the product in the style of the company, while still retaining common characteristics of the product. The company I was assigned was Godiva, and the product was champagne. 

company research

  • High end brand
  • Very simple packaging
  • Uses few colours; mostly browns, golds, and purples
  • Lettering is usually gold foil stamped
  • Fonts: Optima and Cochin Italic

product research

  • Champagne is generally perceived as a more expensive product
  • Boxes usually very simple and elegant
  • Packaging conveys high end product at a high price point
  • Minimal writing and graphics on packaging

concept development


final design

I wanted to create a package that reflected the simplicity and elegance of a high end box of champagne, while retaining the graphical aesthetics of the Godiva brand. To do this, I used only four colours (which are currently in use by Godiva) for the entire package. This allowed me to keep my design consistent with current Godiva packaging, as they only use 3-4 colours per package. I also used very minimal text on the box, which is consisted with other high end champagne brands currently on the market. This simplicity creates a level of sophistication that is befitting of a pricey champagne. Godiva also uses gold foil stamping for all of their lettering, which I chose to emulate in my design. This also helps to separate this package as a high end brand.

I also chose a box design which has a folding detail on the bottom of the box to add interest and an indication of quality. The graphical design also has a lighter visual weight at the top of the box and a heavier visual weight at the bottom to emulate a bottle of champagne, which is also structured in this manner. Finally, I used clean lines and simple colouring to remain consistent with the Godiva brand and other champagne products that are currently on the market.

winter 2012

Project duration: 2 weeks