Coghlan's Outdoor Accessories Trade Show Booth

The goal of this project was to design a trade show booth for Coghlan's Outdoor Accessories. Working with one other Industrial Designer, Heather Jeffery, we set out to create an outdoor experience for booth attendees at various outdoor trade shows, including the winter and summer Outdoor Retailer trade shows. Our design goals included: conceptual drawings and sketches illustrating up to three different concepts, overhead dimensional drawing for booth layout/positioning of structures, conceptual and final renderings, as well as a mood board depicting suggested themes and overall aesthetics for the booth.

Original Booth

The original booth was constructed of extruded aluminum. It had a professional look and feel to the display, though it was quite generic. Through our meetings with Coghlan's, we were asked to give the booth a more natural feel, as if the attendees were walking into an outdoor space. Through our research, we incorporated materials and features that would properly convey this theme (Photos provided by Coghlan's). 

Preliminary Concepts

Initially, we were given the artistic freedom to completely change the layout and structures within the booth. We wanted to create an indoor meeting area and product display area contained within a cabin-like structure. After walking through this cabin, the attendees would enter an outdoor-themed environment, complete with trees, grass, rocks, and contextual displays. Traffic flow and detailed displays were investigated in this phase of the project. Each display area encompassed a particular product category, such as fire starting or survival tools/emergency. This would facilitate the organization of the vast number of products Coghlan's wanted to physically display in the booth.

Change in Direction

After further discussions with Coghlan's, it was decided that rather than creating an entirely new booth, the design would be scaled back to reuse the aluminum meeting rooms and pods of the original booth. The aluminum would be clad in trees, rocks, and logs to create a more natural feel, while retaining the slat walls to display Coghlan's products. In this phase, many different pod configurations were developed, the final layout of the booth was defined, signage height and shape was investigated, and carpet and grass were compared to determine the best option for the booth. A Solidworks model was created and rendered using Keyshot to provide a more contextual and refined look the clients. 

Pod Configurations

CAD And Renderings

Final Design

Through further discussions with Coghlan's, it was decided that for the final design, a modified approach to the natural theme of the booth would be taken. Milled wood would be used to clad the aluminum meeting areas and metal accents would be incorporated, giving the booth a more modern look while retaining a natural feel. Every pod has an end cap attached, which provides not only a structural element to keep the pods upright without the use of the original wooden bases, but also creates an area for signage to indicate the category of products displayed on the pod. Large graphic panels were added to show Coghlan's products in context and to create a visual break between product display walls. The central log wall also adds a natural feel to the booth and provides an excellent branding opportunity for the company. 

Nov-march 2013/14

project duration: 60 Hours