A Smarter Way to Cook

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CHOP was created to solve the issue of a cluttered cutting board. When finished chopping a vegetable, for example, the board is covered with vegetables and waste. Normally these would have to be moved immediately into the pan or a compost bin to make room on the board to chop something else. With CHOP, however, food items can be swept straight into the hanging containers. These containers can then be detached and dumped into the pan when needed, or into the compost bin. CHOP helps streamline cooking efficiency by maximizing the usable area of a cutting



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Final Design

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After fully defining the concept through sketching, a Solidworks model was created and rendered using Keyshot3. Though CHOP is simple, it incorporates a number of clever elements to improve the user's experience. The silicone edges surrounding the board and the silicone feet help keep the board anchored to the counter, preventing slippage. The angled cutting surface allows juices to flow away from the user, while preventing leakage onto the counter. To save space, the cups are stackable, and an integral polypropylene hinge allows the board to fold in half.


Winter 2012

Project Duration: 3 Days